Delizie Italiane

Straight from our land to your table


100% of the items for sale are Made in Italy and shipped directly from Italian markets to the USA

How orders work?

Since all products are fresh and imported the shipment will work as follows:

Step 1:
Customers Orders

Variable time cycles are set. Each cycle has a start and end date. All orders placed within a cycle will begin to be processed at the end of each cycle.

Step 2:
Purchase (Italy)

All items ordered during the cycle will be purchased in Italy the day after the cycle expires.

Step 3:
Shipping to U.S.

All items are carefully packed and shipped to the United States within 5-6 days.

Step 4:
Final Delivery

When all items arrive at their destination, individual boxes are packed and shipped to the customer.

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Most Popular

About me

My name is Matteo Aprile. I am 17 years old and I am from Turin, Italy. Currently I am an exchange student in a small town, Mount Vernon, in the southern Illinois. The experience I’m having here in the U.S. has definitely been great in numerous ways. I’ve learned so many new things, played so many new sports, and learned to see the world from a completely different perspective. I think it’s amazing how habits, lifestyles and routines can change so much from one country to another. Delizie Italiane is a project that was born with the idea of trying to pass on some of my Italian culture, and what better way than through food.  With flavors, colors and scents of my land my intent is to make people live an authentic Italian experience.

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